Dear Customer,

I am excited to announce that our Wisconsin wireless broadband customers are joining the Bertram Communications family! In case you aren’t aware, Mercury is based in Midland, Michigan and started operations in Wisconsin in 2004 when a friend’s company, Manitowoc-based LakeShore OnLine, found itself in financial hardship and needed a rescue. In the years to follow, we built a network that provides high-speed Internet access to customers across Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Kewaunee and neighboring Counties. While building the network has been fun and rewarding, the truth is that it has always been difficult managing and growing the business when I live eight hours away in Midland, Michigan. It’s been a lot of driving and time away from home! The time has come to transition Mercury’s Wisconsin wireless broadband network to local ownership and management.

Bertram is a wireless and fiber Internet Service Provider based in nearby Random Lake, Wisconsin. Bertram’s network surrounds Mercury’s on all sides, so integrating our network with theirs is a natural fit. With local leadership, Bertram will be able to serve our customers well. Bertram builds towers when they are needed and lays fiber in the ground—things Mercury was never in a position to do. They’ll be able to upgrade and expand the network faster and better than Mercury would be able to on its own. In short, Bertram is an excellent successor to take care of our customers and network.

We know customers don’t like change so we are working diligently to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our wonderful field technicians Victor, Mike and Ryan, and Internet support representatives Tim, Zach and Trevor have all accepted positions at Bertram and are here to support you like usual. The Mercury staff in Midland, Michigan is here to support a smooth transition as well. If you need technical support for your wireless broadband service, you should continue to contact Mercury at the usual phone number or email address until further notice. At a future date, technical support will transition to Bertram and you will need to call or email Bertram instead. We will notify you when that happens and you can check the frequently asked questions posted at to see when you should start contacting Bertram for support.

Any bills that you receive from Mercury should continue to be paid to Mercury. Any non-wireless services that you may have with Mercury such as phone, DSL, web hosting and email will continue to be provided by and billed by Mercury. You can continue to reach Mercury at the phone numbers and email addresses you are accustomed to.

Beginning February 1, bills for wireless broadband service will be issued by Bertram. Your first bill from Bertram will be delayed as your customer information is still being migrated to Bertram’s billing system. Please be patient; a bill from Bertram will be forthcoming! If you were enrolled in auto-pay with Mercury, those payments will continue to be automatic with Bertram. However, if you use your bank or credit union’s online bill pay service, it is important that you add Bertram as a Payee and pay Bertram when you receive Bertram’s bill. If you set up that bill pay service to automatically pay Mercury monthly, it is important that you cancel those automatic payments and pay Mercury only if and when you receive a bill from Mercury. Amounts paid to Mercury cannot be transferred to Bertram and vice versa.

Please check for updates and answers to frequently asked questions, and don’t hesitate to contact us at with any unanswered questions.

While it was a ton of work, lots of traveling back and forth, and too many hotel nights to count, our 19-years providing wireless broadband service in Wisconsin was good and is a big part of Mercury’s history. I will miss all the relationships I have made. Know that it has been our pleasure to serve you. We wish you and Bertram the very best.

Warm Regards,

David Sovereen
Mercury Telecom

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call Bertram at 920-351-1023 or e-mail them at

If the bill is from Mercury, pay Mercury. If the bill is from Bertram, pay Bertram.

If you set up automatic payments with Mercury using a credit or debit card your automatic payment information was transferred over to Bertram. If you had automatic payments setup with a checking or savings account you will need to contact Bertram to set that up again.

Yes, at least initially. If ever there will be changes, they will be communicated to you by Bertram in advance.

Yes, email your refund request to Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.

No, any credit on your account with Mercury will not transfer to Bertram. You can request a refund of your credit amount by emailing Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.

No, Bertram does not offer a paper billing statement option. All future statements, and the Bertram welcome letter will be sent via email, and will require you to have a valid email address on file.

No. Only Wisconsin wireless broadband is transitioning to Bertram. Your email service remains with Mercury. If you have email services that were included “free” with a Wisconsin wireless broadband service, they will transition to a Business-class mailbox March 1 at a cost of $30 per year per email address. If you have email addresses at Mercury that you are no longer using, please email to cancel them. Business- class mailboxes hold up to 25 GB and support syncing calendars and contacts with your smartphone, Microsoft Outlook and other mail programs. You are welcome to keep your email service with Mercury for as long as you want. To enable syncing calendars and contacts with your smartphone, email and ask that ActiveSync be enabled for your email address. Then follow the instructions at to set up your smartphone.

No. Only Wisconsin wireless broadband is transitioning to Bertram. Your phone service remains with Mercury.

No. Only Wisconsin wireless broadband is transitioning to Bertram. Your web hosting service remains with Mercury.

No. Only Wisconsin wireless broadband is transitioning to Bertram. Your DSL service remains with Mercury.

The office in Manitowoc will remain open until July.

For the month of February and March all discounts will remain the same. However, some discounts may change at a future date.